Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Introducing an advanced, natural therapy for your pet

We are proud to now offer a new state of the art therapy at the surgery which uses your pets' own stem cells to aid pain relief and recovery from a number of conditions.

What are stem cells and how do they work?


Adult stem cells occur naturally in the body and have the ability of self-renewal with the potential to change into different tissue types including muscle, cartilage and bone.


These cells are essentially the body's own repair kit! They move to damaged tissue, where they act to reduce inflammation and pain, prevent further cell damage and can promote active tissue regeneration.


There are many conditions which can benefit from the therapy, most commonly the therapy is used for osteoarthritis and other joint problems in your pet.

What are the benefits of therapy?

Reduced levels of pain, happier pets and an improved willingness to walk and play should be the first changes you will see during the initial three weeks after stem cell therapy.


The effects of therapy have been shown to improve over time, with best results achieved two to three months after administration of the stem cells. Several studies have shown these effects to be long lasting - for at least six months. Many pets are able to reduce their reliance on pain relief medication during this time.

What does the therapy involve?

Once your pet has been examined and approved for the therapy, a small sample of his/her fatty tissue is taken from under their skin (usually from the inside of the leg) under general anaesthetic. A blood sample from your pet is also taken at this stage.


The samples are then cultured and nurtured in an external laboratory to ensure they are actively growing and healthy - and when they reach their peak, a tailor made therapy for your pet is created and returned to the surgery for administration.


Under general anaesthetic, this therapy is then injected into the affected joints of your pet.


When further therapy is required, only a blood sample should be required prior to the implantation procedure as a stock of your pets' stem cells are securely stored in the external laboratory. Therefore only one general anaesthetic is required for subsequent therapy sessions.  

Are there any side effects?

This therapy is natural and safe - it is created from your pet's own stem cells. Sometimes there is a little discomfort and stiffness after the injection of stem cells into joints, but typically this passes in one or two days.


Both the collection of cells for processing and the injection of stem cells into joints must be performed under a general anaesthetic. Therefore the normal risks associated with any general anaesthetic procedure will apply and animals with a high anaestheic risk will not be suitable to undergo this therapy.


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